GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s a different kind of mourning for Packers fans who, instead of waking up to a postseason future, are feeling the grief of a season that has been lost.

Packers fan and Dallas native Kyle Warner says, “So close yet so far, that’s pretty much the best way to sum it up.”

Kyle Warner from Dallas and Robby Holtzclaw from Cincinnati talk Packers future

From a five-game losing streak to a four-game winning streak, the Packers only needed to beat the Detroit Lions to clinch a spot in the postseason. After falling short, fans are reflecting on the emotional rollercoaster of a season.

“I’m always sad after a big loss, but this ones sad because you never know about [Aaron] Rodgers’ future,” Warner says.

Robby Holtzclaw from Cincinnati is also interested to see what the future holds for number 12.

“We got [Jordan] Love as the second string if Aaron Rodgers is done, and he seems pretty decent with what he’s done this season so far,” Holtzclaw says.

Juwan Jones from Detroit talks Lions’ win

While the Lions are not heading to the playoffs either, fans that ventured to Lambeau are happy with their performance.

Detroit native and Lions fan Juwan Jones says, “They did really good last night. I’m proud. I knew they would play really hard regardless of whether they had a chance to make it or not, so I’m glad that they showed they can compete.”

UWGB Psychology Professor Ryan Martin talks coping with postseason blues

Whether you are a Packers or Lions fan, you may find it challenging to cope with the football season-ending. Local 5 spoke with UWGB psychology professor Ryan Martin to see how people can overcome those difficult emotions.

“It’s okay to be a little bit sad for a while. The other piece of it is, to the best that people can, try to keep this loss in perspective. In the grand scheme of things, even though this might not feel good to people, it’s not the sort of devastating loss that it could have been,” Martin says.

After all, there is always next year.