GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – New life is coming to the corner of Mason Street and Military Avenue on Green Bay’s west side. That includes demolishing the old Sears building and making way for new businesses.

“Just due to the nature of retail and commercial business (the Sears building) is very outdated,” said David Buck, Principal Planner for the city of Green Bay.

Green Bay Plaza is about to get a major upgrade. The busy Military Avenue corridor is a place that’s booming with business, and more change is coming.

“(Developers) are removing the Sears building right now. They have one set project that is a pretty large scale car wash on the corner of Sixth Street and Military, and then what they are looking to do is five to six out lots,” added Buck.

One of the biggest changes you’ll recognize about the development is the sea of pavement that sits there now will soon disappear.

Developers are looking to change up the landscape at Green Bay Plaza on the city’s west side. (Handout/City of Green Bay)

While the other businesses have not yet been publicly announced, city officials expect them to be quick access, allowing people to get in and out quickly.

“It’s really kind of designed as your smaller scale drive-thru banks, restaurants, coffee shops, and those type of things,” said Buck.

The redevelopment is an important step for the city to bring that busy corner back to life.

“The Sears building was sitting empty so long, though we love the building itself, it does not generate any activity and so we’re excited to see it redeveloped,” Buck said.

Once complete, Buck says it will help complement what’s already happened on the northwest corner of the street.

“We recognize that Military, and especially the Military and Mason intersection, is very significant to the city. There’s very high traffic volume and it has been a very healthy commercial area for a very, very long time,” said Buck.

The developer told Buck they also plan to upgrade the façade for the rest of the plaza.

It’s unknown when the developers could make an official announcement on the rest of the businesses, but Local 5 will keep you updated.