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Some Ledgeview Residents Say Something Doesn't Smell Right About a Possible Manure Pit

GREEN BAY, Wis. - About a month ago the town of Ledgeview denied Ledgeview Farms LLC a permit to build a 13 million gallon manure pit.    

But the farm has nearly all the permits from the state it needs to build the pit, but another is awaiting approval from the DNR which held a public hearing Tuesday in regards to that permit.

Some Ledgeview residents says there's something that doesn't smell right about a possible manure pit in their neighborhood.

Manar Alshahrouri is one of those residents.

The physician says there's just too many health risks that could come with a pit of poop.

"We’ve heard a lot about the value of the property, we talked about the smell, we talked about all these things, but nobody has talked about the impact on the people living around especially the children," says Alshahrouri.

But family-operated Ledgeview Farms LLC say whether more cows are added to their operation or not a manure pit would have to be built.

"The farm is going to smell the same as it did yesterday as it does tomorrow," says owner and operator Jason Pansier. "It still has the same amount of manure on it whether that pit is there or not."

Several people said they believe the Pansiers are hard working people but questioned their motives to create something that might be a health hazard and an eye sore to their community.

Pansier says they are compliant with the rules the dnr sets forth.

"On one hand they’re complaining that they don’t want a big pit, but the next thing they’re complaining they don’t want me to pollute, says Pansier. "In order to protect them you have to put a pit and that’s  following the rules the DNR created and that’s what we’re going to continue to do."

The DNR could still approve the permit even after Tuesday's commentary.

But that won't stop citizens from speaking out.

"Our priority is our children, to our community, to our homes, our environment," says Alshahrouri. "We will continue to fight this."

Anyone providing comment in response to the possible permit will receive notice of the DNR's final decision.

After that decision is made the Environmental Protection Agency will have 90 days to contest the permit.

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