GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The 22nd annual “Titletown Train Show” is an event Zachery Krueger of “Sheboygan Society of Railroad Engineers” looks forward to every year. He says those participating spend countless hours preparing for the show.  

“Some of these layouts are gorgeous and literally hundreds of thousands of hours will go into some of these layouts,” said Krueger. 

The event features hundreds of trains and nearly two hundred vendors. Krueger says he enjoys everything the show has to offer.

“I love everything about trains, I love learning about the history, and I love collecting equipment and making it look nice,” stated Krueger. 

Spectators admiring the show say trains are an essential part of the country’s history and show organizers agree. 

“They built America, and they helped build stuff that we need, I always come to see the model trains and walk around and it’s a fun place to be at,” stated Eric Chmelka. 

 “Trains are an important part of the United States commerce system and they are just fun to look at, you can imagine them going through all the model worlds the cities and towns and the countrysides and bridges and everything else,” said Todd Bushmaker show director of Titletown Train Show. 

 Krueger participates in the train show consistently and says he looks forward to welcoming others all aboard.  

 “It’s a great activity for families, there’s a lot of layouts to come see and there’s a lot of interesting stuff and I like to mirror that,” said Krueger. 
The event is expected to occur again next year at the KI Convention Center.