DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) — The St. Norbert Abbey has released the names of clergy with credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

In a statement by Rt. Rev. Dane Radecki, O. Praem, Abbot of St. Norbert Abbey, says:

“My hope is that the ‘release of names’ will assist in the healing process for victims and survivors. I profoundly apologize and ask forgiveness from those abused by the Norbertines of our Abbey.”

Abbot Radecki went on to say personnel files were handed over to Praesidium, Inc. for review. Praesidium “specializes in abuse risk assessment and management for secular and religious organizations.”

Reviewed files reportedly covered the years 1966 through 2018.

In his statement, Abbot Radecki says “19 Norbertines from St. Norbert Abbey” were identified as having “credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.”

Three other priests from different Norbertine foundations were identified.

“Their superiors have been notified.”

Abbot Radecki continues: “As I stated before, I will never tolerate sex abuse by anyone. When the Abbey receives an allegation, it will immediately be reported to civil authorities and the Norbertine will be removed from ministry. The protection of children is of utmost importance and I do not take this responsibility lightly.”

He closed out his statement by saying the list of credible allegations will be updated new allegations arise and are confirmed.

For a full list of credible allegations, click here.