Stadium View modernizes itself with upcoming cleanup

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Stadium View is asking us to pardon its dust as it works on changing into a much more modern-looking restaurant.

“The place is 26 years old,” said Jerry Watson, owner of Stadium View. “It needed some work done to it, so if you’re going to do a little bit, you may as well do it right. And my son has designed most of this–it’s being done right.”

The Stadium View transformation has been sitting on the cutting block for two years and it is about to become a reality.
Watson says this most recent project has a price tag of about $750,000.
The bar will have new flooring, new tabletops, countertops, bar tops, redone walls and some of the fanciest bathrooms in town.

“We’re actually having individual rooms for every stall,” said Bob Watson, president of Stadium View. “You don’t have to see the person’s feet alongside you or anything like that.”

And there will be 32 new 65″ TVs installed in the sports bar across two rows.

“There’s not going to be a seat in the house where you can’t see at least six screens and it’s just going to be awesome,” he says.

Watson says the construction shouldn’t have much of an effect on business because June and July are his slowest months of the year, but geography conquers all.

“I still think my location will carry this place,” said the elder Watson. “Well after I’m dead and gone. I might make a little bit because people come in to laugh at me, but other than that, the location carries it.”

They plan on keeping Stadium View open throughout the work, saying they will never turn down a customer.

“It’ll be the same dog and pony show except it might be in a little bit different room,” he says. “But everything stays the same–The food’s the same, the drinks are the same. You even get to put up with me. That’s going to stay the same. I’m not leaving folks, you aren’t rid of me yet.”

July 21st is the target date for completion on the project, and the owners say the work will create a minimal change in pricing. A new sign and 30 taps will accompany the finished product.

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