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Wisconsin begins 'Green Alert' Notification System

MADISON, Wis. -- (WFRV-TV) - Wisconsin has started a new public notification system known as a "Green Alert." Wisconsin ACT 175 was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Scott Walker.

The Green Alert works like other public notification systems like an Amber Alert or Silver Alert. A state-wide notification will be issued if a veteran is at risk or missing due to his or her physical or mental health condition.

“veteran at risk" is a veteran or an active-duty member of the armed forces, the national guard, or the military reserve forces of the United States who is known, based on the information provided by the person making the report, to have a physical or mental health condition that is related to his or her service.

Wisconsin has enacted legislation (2017 WISCONSIN ACT 175) relating to “alerts for missing veterans who have a service-related health condition.” This legislation has been commonly referred to as “Green Alert.” The Wisconsin Crime Network will be responsible for issuing the alerts.

Follow this link from the Wisconsin Legislative Council which provides a description of the Act.



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