New bill could help victims of contaminated wells in Kewaunee County by giving homeowner more options for relief. 

The countryside is peaceful here in the Township of Lincoln at least until you to turn on your faucet. 

That’s why Wisconsin State Senator Rob Cowles and State Representative Joel Kitchens are hoping to give some relief to the residents with their new bill.

” What it would do is it would loosen up eligibility for well replacements because there has been a lot since this program was started some 25 years ago ,and the cost of wells has gone up so we need to adjust that.” another option would be allowing loans to replace septic systems in the community,” State Senator Robert Cowles said. 

This bill is moving right along. ” It passed the committee I chair and passed the assembly and now it needs to pass in senate,Cowles said.

The senator says if this bill passes it could help hundreds of people in the county.