We are just several days away from Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State Address.

He will address a joint session of the Wisconsin Legislature at the State Capitol with his outline of how the state is performing.

As part of a progress report for the state’s performance, Governor Walker’s State of the State Address will include everything from the economy to healthcare.

Walker plans on focusing his speech on mostly two topics, education and job growth. He also plans on tying the two together thanks in part to his new college affordability plan.

He stopped by UW-GB on Friday to outline the plan which includes a deduction of student loan interest, as well increasing internships.

“How do we get people work ready, how do we help as early as even middle school in our public schools and others across the state making sure students are starting to think about their career choices, Walker said.”

However, critics of the plan say it wouldn’t help Wisconsinites currently paying off student loans. They say it would make more sense to refinance their loans at lower rates under the higher education, lower debt bill.

Walker says education is as a way of guaranteeing more people will find work once they are out of school.

“We have at least according to two of the statistics from the federal government, the highest number of people last year working in the last 20 years,” Walker said.

He also continued to say, “We’re one of the top 10 states in therms of the percentage of people in the work force.”

Walker also plans on touting job growth as strong but many Democrats will be quick to add Wisconsin’s record on creating new private sector jobs is very low.

Governor Walker will deliver his State of the State Address on Tuesday January 19th.