DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Local Five recently published a story about a hot pink sasquatch lawn ornament being stolen from a business in De Pere.

Stella, the seven-foot sasquatch decoration, was being used as a fundraiser for cancer patients by Fancy Treasures whose owner is a cancer patient.

Sally Kiefer, the owner of Fancy Treasures, came to Local Five to plead for the lawn ornament to be returned before her recent breast cancer surgery.

Early Monday morning, Fancy Treasures posted a picture of Stella after she was returned to the store. They also posted the typed apology letter in the comments that were left behind by whoever had taken the sasquatch.

Along with Stella and the apology letter, a charitable donation to a local cancer patient fund was also left at the scene.

Fancy Treasures says the lawn ornament was returned just before Kiefer’s surgery. The surgery was scheduled for some time on Monday and Local Five wishes her a speedy recovery.

A replacement sasquatch is now in front of Sally’s shop. The original Stella is now home with her after her surgery.

It turns out there were complications with the procedure and she wound up enduring two surgeries.

Yet, she was still messaging her thanks to Local 5 and expressed excitement about the fundraising potential now with all the attention.

“We’re going to be able to raise even more money,” messaged Sally. Francy Treasures is committing $25 of each sale of the Sasquatch lawn ornament to a fund to help other cancer patients.

She also extended thanks to Tony Coppo from Coppo Hardwood Flooring who came up with the hotel pink lawn ornament in the first place.

“We’re going to make a difference,” Sally wrote. “I know it.”