Stink Bugs are Creating a Smelly Situation

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“If you pick them up you can get this stinky oil on you.”

And it’s a stink bug that is responsible for creating a stinky situation in your home or work over the last few weeks.

“During the winter they try to seek sheltered locations where they don’t want to freeze to death. And so they go into houses and for the most part they are in between your walls or in your attic or somewhere where you’re really not going to notice them.” -Michael Draney UWGB Professor of Biology

And with the recent warm stretch of weather these stink bugs have become more active. But with colder temperatures making a return these bugs will once again go into their hibernation cycle.

“Many of them are native to Wisconsin, but we are beginning to get some non-native ones into the area and maybe that is what people are noticing. A really large bug called the Brown Marmorated stink bug is starting to move into our area.”

The bugs are not harmful to humans but come spring the bugs do like to eat vegetables you might have in your backyards.

“They probably wil be a problem for gardeners eventually. In the winter time they really are not feeding on anything. They’re just kind of dormant and himbernating if you will.”

There are not many products labeled to fight against the pests. It is recommended to check your home for cracks that may allow these bugs to enter your home as they seek warmer temperatures.

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