(WFRV) – Organizations in Wisconsin are asking for the public’s help after a weather phenomenon is causing loons to fall out of the sky.

According to the Raptor Education Group, Inc., there have been multiple calls about loons on land and small ponds. The group says it appears there is a loon fallout happening.

A loon fallout reportedly happens when atmospheric conditions cause migrating loons to develop ice on their body as they fly at high altitudes. This then causes the loons to crash land because they are not able to fly due to the weight of ice on their body. The ice also can interfere with the loon’s flight ability.

Experts say that the current ice/rain and unstable air currents are a perfect set-up for this phenomenon to happen.

At this time, Loons have been seen on land in:

  • Wausau
  • Gleason
  • Stratford
  • Neva
  • Rice Lake
  • Antigo
  • Drummond

There could be other areas involved as well, according to the Raptor Education Group, Inc.

Loons are not able to walk, which is why groups are asking for residents to help. Anyone who comes across a loon on land is asked to call REGI, Loon Rescue or their local wildlife center for advice.

Officials pleaded to not take loons to small ponds for release, they reportedly need a quarter mile or more of open water to run across and get airborne.

Loons also have sharp beaks and use said beaks for defense. Officials said you can cover them with a blanket to contain them.

When it comes to transporting, officials say you can use a Rubbermaid container with air holes in the top. Towels should be placed at the bottom of the container or box to help prevent injury.

REGI posted an update about the fallout event, mentioning how public involvement is making a difference. Also, REGI is asking anyone who sees a grounded loon to take photos and videos of the bird and send them in.

This event has been different than those in the part for one reason…and that has been public involvement. You, our supporters and followers, shared our post, called folks in the area of the event and in general, got the word out, and made it possible for loons to be found that in past events were not, just due to lack of awareness.

Social media has its challenges but this time it was a huge blessing as are our followers.

Raptro Education Group, Inc.

REGI can be contacted at 715-623-4015 and Loon Rescue’s phone number is 715-966-5415.

No additional information was provided. Local 5 will continue to update this story.