Students at Fort Howard Elementary in Green Bay Learn Bullying Prevention From a Globetrotter

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An important message was shared with students at a Green Bay elementary school today – delivered by one of the “Ambassadors of Goodwill.” Kris Schuller reports the discussion was about bullying and the best ways to prevent it.

Inside Fort Howard Elementary the very young are taught an important lesson – the ABCs of bullying prevention.

“I’m going to talk to you about something very important,” said El Gato Melendez.

“It stands for action, bravery and compassion,” he said.

Their teacher Melendez is a Harlem Globetrotter who for seven years has been delivering the team’s anti-bullying message to kids.

“It’s a fun message but at the same time, has a serious part to it – very important base for what we’re doing,” Melendez said.

According to one in three students has been bullied in school, most are bullied while in middle school and most of it involves verbal name calling or teasing.

Following his lesson plan Melendez urges these kids to take action if they see bullying. 

“Inform the teacher, your parents, about what’s going on in school. If you don’t say something bullying will continue,” Melendez said.

If they are being bullied – be brave.

“Stand up for yourself, tell the bully to stop and walk away,” he said.

And always show compassion to those under attack.

Fort Howard’s principal says the presentation was timely, re-enforcing the messages of respect they share with student already.

“I think they could connect to someone who we would say is famous, different and was really able to tie back to what we do every day in school,” said DeAnn Lehman.

An important message shared by an Ambassador of Goodwill. 

“Take care of each other, protect each other in school and do really good – ok?” said Melendez.

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