GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials from the Brown County Port of Green Bay announced on Tuesday that results from an economic impact study indicate things that things are moving in the right direction after the port reportedly generated $217+ million and supported over 1,600 jobs in 2022.

According to a release, the study shows that the economic activity generated by the port in 2022 reached an exact amount of $217.3 million, while the number of Wisconsin jobs supported was 1,620.

Both numbers are an increase from 2017, with economic activity increasing by $70 million and jobs increasing by 331.

Direct personal income from the port, when added to induced and indirect income, exceeded an impact of $142 million, demonstrating what officials say are high, family-supporting wages.

Other port activities are said to have resulted in $38 million in local, state, and federal taxes, which are then used to support essential services like police, fire, transportation, and education.

“We know the Port is an economic engine for our area, and we are pleased to see confirmation of that with this study. It’s really pretty remarkable, especially when you consider the world economy during the pandemic years. This study truly demonstrates our economic resiliency here in NE Wisconsin. While we know that the Port of Green Bay has a positive economic impact on our region, this study helps us better understand just what that impact is.”

Dean Haen, Port of Green Bay Director

Officials say the Port of Green Bay acts as a direct route for shipping from the Midwest to the rest of the world as the port’s 14 terminal operators, which are located on a three-mile stretch of the Fox River, moved over 1.75 million tons of cargo including products like limestone, cement, petroleum, salt, coal, and wood pulp.

With the port being an outlet to the rest of the world, the products that are able to be moved in the port help to support the manufacturing, agricultural, and construction industries in Northeast Wisconsin.

“The Port plays a profound role in our region, not only for our businesses but for the families that live and work here. The direct and indirect impact of the Port on our regional economy is undeniable. We’re incredibly fortunate to have it in our community.” -Troy Streckenbach, Brown County Executive