(WFRV) – Over the years, social media has become a preferred platform for people to air their opinions or grievances surrounding various controversial topics leading to heated debates that oftentimes can cross over into trolling territory.

Among the controversial topics populating online forums these days is politics.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or independent, you can always count on finding social posts advocating for, or against, your party.

While these posts can be filled with great insight and enriching discourse between voters, more often than not, these posts end in conflict and further division.

But why is that?

A recent study, conducted by Cambridge University surveyed 5,502 social media users and found that many voters reported intentionally posting polarizing content about politics with the intention to incite a reaction from other users with opposing views.

While each state reported having a different political party poking the bear, in Wisconsin, it seems Republicans and independents are leading the pack with the most members in those respective groups posting political content with intention of ruffling some feathers.

According to the study,12 percent of Republicans and independents in Wisconsin admit to posting provocatively on social media with the intention of inciting a reaction, compared to 5 percent of Democrats. 

On the contrary, the study highlighted that a large number of western states, apparently had Democrats serving as the online instigators.

For the full study and for a full breakdown of all the states, click here.