STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — It’s a sign of the changing seasons in downtown Sturgeon Bay: the installation of the “Cherries Jubilee” street art.

Work on getting the cherries to their posts for the summer is just getting underway.

In all, 25 will be on display in Sturgeon Bay.

This year, Madison Avenue Market is one of the first venues to get a cherry installed.

“It’s like, spring’s coming, summer’s coming,” Diana McCartney, owner of the market told Local 5. “It was a surprise, but it was wonderful. We do a big bouquet of flowers out here, so it’ll just all tie in.”

The cherry outside of McCartney’s shop will soon be joined by many others.

“A few of them have already hit the streets this week, and we’ll have them all out and ready to go for prime viewing next week,” Pam Seiler, Executive Director of Destination Sturgeon Bay said.

A year ago, this was one of Sturgeon Bay’s only summer traditions that could continue.

“We weren’t sure of anything that was going to go forward, and as a result, all of our events were canceled, with the exception of our street art auction last year,” Seiler explained.

Last year, keeping Door County open for business took creativity.

“There were a lot of people who were doing a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and trying to figure out ways to support our community,” Seiler said.

Now, a new season is beginning.

“You have a lot of energy that starts to reappear on the streets this time of year, and we know from our advanced reservations and talking with all of our lodging members that it is going to be a very, very, very busy season for Door County,” Seiler told Local 5.

There are still signs of the pandemic: “While we’re waiting for everyone to become vaccinated, we’re going to continue on with our protocols,” Seiler said, “so just keep that in mind, bring those masks with you, make sure you’re still sanitizing, washing your hands, and the social distancing part is always a big deal.”

It’s as big of a deal as tourism season in Door County.

“I’m just hoping for a fun season,” McCartney said. “I’m just hoping everybody’s going to be really [excited] this year.”