(WFRV) – Sturgeon season is underway in northeast Wisconsin. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says there is plenty of fish for spearers. 

“On Lake Winnebago so far, we’ve had over 150 sturgeons speared and on the upper river lakes, we’ve probably had over 100 sturgeons speared, by this time at least by the end of the day,” said Margaret Stadig, Lake Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist.

Spearer Dan Stumpf says there is nothing like spearing the prehistoric fish, “Until you experience it, it’s indescribable because it’s a couple of seconds of – is this fish big enough?” 

Stumpf landed an 87-pound sturgeon on the first day of the season and says he loves to spear.

“It’s a rush, it’s a legacy a lot of people do. When you get out and experience it, it’s a joy,” added Stumpf. 

Spearer Roman Muche says the activity is fun for the entire family, “I have been spearing since I was 12 it has been in my family for a long time, ever since I could do so.” 

The sturgeon Muche speared today is his third since he started participating in the sport, “It was fun, it looked bigger than it did in the hole but no matter if you get a fish or not, it’s always a fun experience. It’s awesome,” stated Muche. 

The season will continue until harvest caps are met.