SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – The Brian Laviolette Foundation will host a famous watch auction on November 30th.

Watches meant everything to Brian Laviolette, who passed away after drowning at age 15 in 1992. That’s why Brian’s father, Doug, who is the President of the foundation, decided to host the auction.

Laviolette says, “[My wife and I] gave him his first watch, which was a Green Bay Packers watch, and he was just fascinated with it. He wore it all the time, and as he grew older, he started to acquire other watches.”

Famous names like Betty White, Mason Crosby, and even Pope Francis have all put their watches up for an auction that will take place in Chicago at 11 a.m. The event will also be streamed at the Automobile Gallery in Green Bay.

The foundation will use the money to continue awarding scholarships to high school seniors. Laviolette is looking forward to honoring Brian’s legacy through his son’s passion.

“We hope that people are touched by Brian’s story and this concept that giving something as simple as a wristwatch can help keep track of time for generations to come,” Laviolette says.

For more information about the auction and how you can bid on the watches, click here.