A Brown County family is growing a unique crop that keeps people smiling and family members busy. Local 5’s Kris Schuller explains how the simple sunflower is making many happy in De Pere.

At the corner of Ridge and Main, a field of color – described by some as a bit of heaven.

“I love it, the colors are so beautiful and the flowers so perfect,” said Maci Monahan.

And the person tending this paradise is Cameron Knight.

“It’s kind of cool to see everyone stop and stare, stop by, buy some sunflowers, take a picture, kind of an experience I think,” said Knight.

For the second year in a row Knight  has set up a stand to sell his family’s sunflowers. Just a portion of the 100,000 growing on this four acre field – planted initially by his father as a gift to his wife.

“I know she loves sunflowers, loves pretty flowers, thought it would be cool to plant a field full of her favorite thing,” said Chris Knight.

“It was my birthday surprise, what a surprise it was,” said Roxanne Knight.

Roxanne Knight is a professional photographer who uses the field as a studio while the sunflowers are in bloom.

“The images that are coming out of here are incredible,” said Mrs. Knight.

But Cameron’s mother doesn’t need all the flowers. So he sells what he can to those eager to buy and the money collected will be used to pay his college tuition in the fall. 

“They are just a happy flower to be honest,” said Cameron. 

This season is short so Cameron’s work day is long.

“It has a two and a half to three-week span,” said Cameron. “And between that span they open up, produce seeds and die out. “

Bringing hectic days for Mrs. Knight as well.

“She’ll have three shoots tonight and every day,” said Roxanne’s husband, Chris.

But when your working in a field of gold  that makes so many happy, life is easy – especially when everyone  is smiling.

“I feel it’s a slice of heaven,” said Roxanne.

Cameron Knight’s stand opens at noon, Monday through Friday,  and 10 a.m. on the weekend.