GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – As The Fourth of July approaches, many are eager to purchase fireworks, but buying them has become even more difficult.

Uncle Sam Fireworks‘ owner Deb Decker says it is largely due to supply chain issues: “It’s mostly because of shipping costs. Companies have increased threefold their prices.”

Even though firework supplies are low, the demand remains high. Supplies are selling for as low as 10 cents all the way up to $800.

Debra Goehring, operator of TNT Fireworks in the Target parking lot on Lime Kiln Road, says she often sees people spending thousands of dollars in one trip.

Goehring also explains she is still waiting on some fireworks which are set to ship out before the holiday: “The poppers are not in and neither are the Morning Glory 36-inch sparklers or the 14-inch sparklers. We’re hoping to still get those before the Fourth of July, but it’s not a guarantee.”

A permit is required to light any fireworks which explode or leave the ground in the state of Wisconsin. You also need at least 300 feet of open space when lighting them.

Be sure to stay safe no matter which fireworks you use.