SURING, Wis. (WFRV) – The Superintendent of Suring School District is no longer facing six counts of False Imprisonment after a judge dismissed the charges.

According to court records, on Tuesday the court granted the motion to dismiss the criminal complaint. One victim reportedly made a statement.

Back in late Feb., Casper was charged with six counts of False Imprisonment. The charges stem from alleged strip searches of students looking for vaping cartridges. The issue was not with the searches, but how they were conducted.

The District Attorney said that the physical search was not illegal, but the way the students were confined was. 

In March, statements from students were read in court.

“I feel like I can’t even be safe in that school anymore. School is supposed to be somewhere I get an education and feel safe. With Ms. Casper being at school, I don’t want to be at school,” read aloud by Rachel Grace, Victim Witness Coordinator.

Casper submitted her resignation to the school board, which is effective on June 30. Mr. Todd Carlson will serve as Interim Superintendent.

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