Survey of water quality on Shawano Lake begins Monday

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Beginning Monday, a survey on Shawano Lake will take place to help improve the quality of the water.

Like many lakes across the area, increased levels of nutrients entering the water system have led to a decrease in the water quality.

“We’re doing this to hopefully fix some of the water quality issues that are happening on the lake. So a lot of runoff can come from the land and we’re hoping to add something in to protect the water from that.” – Emily Henrigillis Connecting our Waters Program

Nearly one thousand land parcels along Shawano Lake are expected to be surveyed in upcoming weeks. Data on the different types of shorelines will help understand how new plants could slow nutrients from entering the lake.

“There’s a large watershed that drains into Shawano Lake and as water travels down it picks up phosphorous. It can be from your lawn, from farm fields, from all sorts of different sources and when it comes into the lake it feeds the plants and creates algae blooms and things like that. So, if we can slow that down, we can benefit the lake and the water quality in the lake.”

Sea walls have become popular for residents along the lake to help protect their property from ice shoves. But, Henrigillis says any amount of new native plant growth can help the water quality in the lake.

“Anything you may want to do on your property is voluntary, but what we hope to see is some of that lawn go away and put some native plants in to get deeper roots. We understand that sea walls are very important on the lake for the ice shoves so we understand we can’t ask you to remove something like that. So, by adding some native plants you can slow that water from getting in the lake.” 

Shawano county offers 50% cost share funding for these projects on your shoreline. For more information on the funding follow this link:

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