George Burch, the man accused of murdering Nicole VanderHeyeden in May of 2016 in Brown County, was also accused of murder in Virginia twenty years ago. 

He was found not guilty.

According to a newspaper called Daily Press, after the verdict in George Burch’s 1998 murder trial was read,  there were “gasps, curses, and tears from the dead man’s family and friends.” 

He was found not guilty on all five counts related to the shooting of a man named Joey White, who was a gang leader, according to the newspaper. 

One juror told the newspaper that there was a lack of evidence in the case.

The night of the shooting, White was on the phone with George Burch and one of Burch’s friends.

They got into a fight, and white and a group of his friends went to the apartment where Burch lived.

Witnesses said that five shots and two guns were involved in the fight that occurred outside of his apartment between the two groups.

White was shot in the head and killed, but the prosecution had a hard time proving that it was Burch who shot him.

The bullet that killed White was never found.

Burch will now stand trial for the murder of Nicole VanderHeyden.

There will be a motion hearing on Thursday where the judge in the case will rule whether or not Burch’s cell phone data is admissible evidence in court.

On Friday, jury selection starts, and on Monday the court will hear opening statements.

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