Williams Taekwondo Studio has found a new home in Green Bay after the historic building in Downtown De Pere on April 25th destroyed their old studio.

The fire that broke out at Ogan Restaurant on the 25th destroyed a building that had several businesses inside, including the Taekwondo business.

Amidst the fire, they lost everything in the fire, including 30-year-old belts and their black belt certificates.

Despite losing everything, owner Dan Williams is trying to keep a positive outlook on the situation:

“One of the things I teach the students is perserverance. So if i don’t perservere through the difficult times, how can I teach them to perservere. So thats kind of our motto, from the ashes we’re going to perservere.”

The new Taekwondo studio is located on Military Avenue in Green Bay.

Williams will have to wait 3-5 months for Korea to send them new certificates.