GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One of Green Bay’s most gruesome murder cases has officially come to an end as a Brown County judge sentenced Taylor Schabusiness on Tuesday.

Schabusiness was aside her attorney and had what appeared to be a spit hood on as she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Shad Thyrion. She also had two consecutive sentences, adding 18 years for the dismemberment and sexual assault.

Schabusiness’s defense attorney, Christopher Froelich, said the 25-year-old would speak on her own behalf before the judge handed out the sentence. Froelich was also trying to lobby for parole, stating, “At 25 years of age, there’s time for rehabilitation.”

When Judge Thomas Walsh asked Schabusiness if there were anything she’d like to say before handing down the sentence, she simply replied, “No, there isn’t.”

Walsh told Schabusiness that “[She is] not responsible for where [she] came from, but [she has] to be responsible for where [she’s] going.”

The defense called several people to the stand, including Schabusiness’s grandmother, who is caring for Taylor’s two-year-old child, Schabusiness’s father, who is serving time in prison, and a pharmacology expert.

Prosecutors from the State of Wisconsin said that Shad Thyrion’s family wants Schabusiness to be put away for life, something prosecutors agree with. Additionally, prosecutors said that the lack of remorse is another reason Taylor Schabusiness shouldn’t be eligible for release.