Electric powered vehicles aren’t all that common in Northeast Wisconsin. But thanks to a planned charging station in Howard that might change.

Chris Knight owns a Tesla – one of 500 people in Wisconsin who’ve purchased the luxury vehicle.

“It’s 100 percent electric,” said Knight. “It’s an amazing car and it’s revolutionary.”

And while Knight loves the vehicle’s looks and performance, the absence of an internal combustion engine was also a major draw.

“Fast, quiet, silent and it doesn’t produce fumes,” Knight said.

But it does have limitations. Knight says his Model S offers a range of roughly 250 miles on a full charge. 

“Tesla people can’t make it north of Sturgeon Bay right now or very easily to Iron Mountain, Michigan or the Upper Peninsula,” said Knight.

Now Tesla and Meijer are asking approval from the village of Howard to place a Tesla Supercharger station in the parking lot of the new Meijer store located on Shawano Avenue.

“We’ve always known that the 29/41/43 corridor would be a great place for anyone traveling through the state or preparing to go to Door County –  to get charged,” said Village Administrator Paul Evert.

“Up to 45 minutes for a full charge,” Knight said.

Currently there at seven Tesla Supercharger stations in Wisconsin located near amenities where vehicle owners can stop and shop while their car recharges.  Village Administrator Evert says his community will benefit.

“You’re hoping people come to your community and spend a little money,” Evert said. “Tesla owners have disposable income if they can afford an $80,000 to $100,000 all-electric vehicle.”

This summer Tesla will start building the Model 3 car – starting at $35,000. 

“It is going to make it easier for people to buy electric vehicles,” said Shane Miller, another Tesla owner.

Meaning more electric powered vehicles on the road in need of  Supercharger stations.

If everything goes smoothly the Tesla Supercharger station could be available for use in early summer.