Last Sunday night the Packers movie, “The 60 Yard Line” made it’s world premier at the 2017 Wisconsin Film Festival.   Soon the movie will be available for television screens around the country.
“To shoot on location in Green Bay it makes it accurate, it makes it authentic, and really shows what the true Green Bay world is and the true Green Bay lifestyle,” said Ryan Churchill, the movie’s executive producer, writer, and lead actor.
Churchill says the filming of this romantic comedy has wrapped up, and is excited for it’s unveiling.
“The Green Bay fan lifestyle there’s so many stories, there’s so many different families and fans, story’s about how they tailgate and how they go to the games,” he said.
He adds fans will get a slice of that in the film, as various scenes were shot in the peak of the packers season. 
The movie will soon be screened in Green Bay, and on sale for purchase in the coming months. 
Stay tuned to the movie’s Facebook page for the latest updates: