Did you know nearly 90% of poisonings happen in the household? This week is National Poison Prevention week and the focus continues to be education, prevention and the hazards of poison. 

According to Safe Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps families and communities stay safe from unnecessary injury, every 12 days a child in the United States dies from getting into medication, and every hour a child under six years old is hospitalized for the same reason. 

The Center for Childhood Safety, Prevea Health and HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital are committed to educating people on how to properly store medications and other items that a child could get into  something that would lead to unintentional poisonings. 

Items like e-cigarettes, cleaning products, cosmetics, medications, vitamins and batteries are among the items that always need to be stored and looked after properly. 

“Candy looks like medicine, medicine looks like candy. So really keeping those medications up high, out of reach, anything that has hazardous material, we really want to keep out of reach of children,” says Willow Stewart, Community Engagement Specialist with The Center for Childhood Safety. 

Placing hazardous items up high and out of reach of children and disposing unused or expired medication is one good step toward keeping hazardous materials out of the hands of children. 

Also posting the number of the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) somewhere in a visible place in your home and insuring babysitters and other caregivers also have the number is also a smart idea.