CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Compassionate Connections Center Inc. has created a new initiative called the New Day Clothing Resource. The majority of the clothes available are brand new, named brand clothing.

The Compassionate Connections Center opened its doors in January, but after a few months of working with the Clintonville School District, they began to notice students received dress code violations for clothes. The majority of the students and their families were financially unable to have proper clothing.

The Compassionate Connections Center partnered with Plato’s Closet of Wausau and Jake’s Network of Hope, who supplied thousands of clothing pieces. The organization was able to work with volunteers and utilize donated space from the United Methodist Church to help distribute the clothing to families.

The program is hoping to help families facing financial difficulty. The New Day Clothing Resource will be open from July 16th to July 20th. No registration is required to be a part of this program, but families must have a child that attends the Clintonville School District.

Each shopper is able to pick 7 shirts, 5 pants, 1 sweatshirt/jacket, 2 dresses (if available), 2 pairs of shoes, and 3 other miscellaneous items. For more information, visit their website at