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The End May be in Sight for Sturgeon Bay's Infamous Dirt Piles

STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - The Greystone Castle bar in Sturgeon Bay should have a waterfront view, but instead patrons have been looking out at dirt piles for the past three years.

"People don't really like the dirt piles there, it's always like, 'When are they going to get rid of the dirt piles,'" bartended Luke Ebel said. "Everyone wants them gone."

Those patrons may soon be getting what they've been asking for, as the city's Common Council has decided that city workers will flatten the unwanted soil.

"It'll be nice and smooth," City Council President Kelly Catarozoli told Local 5, "It won't be these horrible mountains of dirt right next to our roads."

The city is currently wrapped up in a legal battle with the developer who has claimed ownership of the dirt, but they have decided enough is enough.

"This is something we felt, even if there were some small risks there, they're worth taking." Ald. Catarozoli said. "Because the public really wants to see these, they just really don't want to look at them anymore."

Locals are happy to hear the news, but after years of the dirt piles marring the waterfront views, there is some skeptism.

"It's going to be nice to have them gone," Ebel said. "Hopefully they do it relatively soon, instead of just talking about it like normal."

Ald. Catarozoli says that a timeline has not yet been set, and that the City Engineer must make that decision.

She is optimistic that there is momentum behind the decision.

"I think they're going to get started relatively soon," she said.


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