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The future of downtown hangs on a roundabout

The Rail Yard is ready to spin you right round

GREEN BAY, Wis. - There is a lot going on inside Green Bay's developmental cooker, and a roundabout connecting Donald Driver Way and Kellogg Street is anticipated to be the straw that stirs the drink.
It will be responsible for holding all the changes coming to the Rail Yard, in what really boils down to a major beautification project.

"It's a district where everybody will be able to come and play and have fun and socialize, for that matter," said Joash Smits, director of development at Base Companies.

Mayor Jim Schmitt told Local 5 he expects to break ground next month on this years-long, multi-phase downtown revitalization.
Architects of the project say this injection of energy will be the gift the keeps on giving.

"If we can draw people that normally weren't going to live in Green Bay back down to Green Bay, I think that's positive for the city," said Brent Weycker, president of Titletown Brewing Company. "Positive for the whole region. This speaks for itself."

Joining the roundabout are warehouse renovations north of Kellogg.
New townhouses and condos are going up, as well, and those will be owned properties--not rented.

"From basically Dousman to Bond Street will be about $70-$100 million of taxable income that will be in there," said Smits.

The new roundabout will circle the existing electrical pole, with the nearby shack being relocated entirely and possibly becoming a restaurant.
The goal is to eventually extend Donald Driver Way far enough north to reach Bond Street, creating more avenues into the west side of downtown.

"There's a lot downtown that can go either way," said Weycker. "And by not letting the core of Green Bay rot, we're keeping that going in a positive direction."

Construction starts next month and the roundabout is expected to open as soon as October.

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