Aksel Elsing, 9, with bicycle license plate collection

EVANSVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – What started as a family tradition of collecting license plates has transformed into something of a passion project for a 9-year-old Evansville boy.

Since he was young, Aksel Elsing would join his parents, Katelyn and Nick Elsing, on excursions to flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops in search of one item: license plates.

“Initially, Nick started collecting license plates, then I picked up the hobby and searched for the specific ones. Aksel was quick to follow and enjoys that this is something we do as a family,” explained Katelyn.

Echoing his mom’s words, Aksel recalls these outings fondly noting how he and his parents are truly a dynamic trio.

“My dad is tall so he looks up high. My mom is medium height so she looks in the middle, and I am shorter so I look down low searching for plates,” said Aksel.

And this seems to be the secret sauce as has amassed quite the collection of license plates already.

So much so, that close friends and family are compelled to refer to them as ‘The License Pl8 Family’.

Aksel Elsing’s bicycle license plate collection

Honoring the coined family name, Aksel has now decided to venture out on his own and start his own collection.

Aksel is currently collecting bike license plates from towns/cities across Wisconsin.

“Aksel picked up on the bicycle plates quickly as they are smaller, colorful, as well as have the towns/cities names stamped on the front,” shared Katelyn, who noted that the plates also serve as a learning tool for Aksel as he is getting to learn about all the different cities and their locations across the Badger state.

So far, Aksel has reportedly accrued bike license plates from a total of 31 towns/cities across Wisconsin including Green Bay, Two Rivers, and Waupun.

“I would love to add more. Some people might not want them anymore so I can help them with that and they could help me with more of the history of Wisconsin,” said Aksel.

Aksel hopes to one day have a complete run of Wisconsin license plates to share with others.

Aksel Elsing, 9, with bicycle license plate collection

“The good thing about collecting at my age is I have more time to complete my bicycle collection. When I finally complete it, I would like to make a display so I can share the history with other people of the bicycle plates.,” shared Aksel.