Some folks believe Green Bay was doomed from the start.
When a man by the name of John Jacob Astor IV decided to start framing the city’s current downtown on top of a burial ground.

“He just took whatever markings and threw them in the Fox River or used some of the bigger stones for foundations,” said Tim Freiss, the founder of Green Bay Ghost Tours. “He wasn’t a very good guy at all.”Our tale of love and love lost begins at the site of the Captain’s Walk Winery.

Meet Helen Morrow. She lived a full life here, ending in torment.
She died well into her 90s, but not before losing the house under the weight of struggling finances.

Visitors claim she’s still around.

“Just really emotionally attached to it,” he said. “It was a great place of childhood for her and she likes to regain that memory, I guess, in death.”Our next stop is a bit more comfortable. At St. Brandon’s Inn, some spirits don’t stop at the door. They check in for the whole night.

“They have a lot of things happening here,” said Freiss. “Everything from shadow figures to the lights turning on and off. Guests have reported beds shaking, voices they can hear sometimes in the night. All kinds of stuff.”
Our tour ends at the former site of the Green Bay Theatre.
It’s 1900. Emotions run high in a love triangle, leaving an up-and-coming actress dead.
Some say she’s still waiting for her curtain call.

“They hear a woman scream, they hear a woman’s voice call your name, and also smell a woman’s perfume on occasion,” he said.How we end up spending our lives… could end up haunting us for an eternity.

“Some people do stick around for whatever reason,” said Freiss. “Or come back to visit on occasion, maybe. It is comforting to know that we carry on even after this world.”