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UPDATE: 'The North Pole' May Have Found a New Home in Kaukauna

The North Pole's Last Stand

KAUKAUNA, Wis. -  


THURSDAY 11/29/2018

It 's a Christmas miracle!

Permission was all but given to move The North Pole Christmas display to a piece of property within the city's industrial park. 

Thursday morning, Kaukauna's Industrial Park Commission gave Campbell their preliminary support to allow space for the display.

Before for official approval goes through, a traffic study will need to be done and nearby property owners will also need to be given notice.

The proposal will then come back to the commission for their final approval.


WEDNESDAY 11/28/2018

Kaukauna's North Pole is full of cheer and whimsy.
But, like anything else, Christmas can overstay its welcome.

"I never knew about all this back and forth--it's just a Christmas display," said Troy Campbell, the owner of the Kaukauna North Pole.

"I think it's fine for the kids, but I think it's far too long," said Andrea Stevens, a next-door neighbor.

Setup starts in September and takes until about March to tear down.

"We hear a lot of doors opening and closing, people in our yards, traffic," she said.

Kaukauna Mayor Tony Penterman says there have been several complaints to several departments for several years.

"The only thing I worry about, too, is the property value of our home and everything when this is set up for so long," said Stevens.

And now a housing boom could stymie the holiday cheer.
More people, whether they like it or not, are being exposed to more Christmas.

"The only thing that hurt me kind of is none of them came to me," said Campbell. "They just went right to the city. And the mayor's doing what he's supposed to be doing. He says, 'Hey, you can have it this year, but next year, it's just too big, it's too huge.'"

If the North Pole has to relocate, he wants his faithful elves to keep the spirit alive and avoid any protest.

"If you do that, then you're downplaying what this is for," he said. "This is for caring and giving and being kind to one another."

An upcoming meeting with the city will decide if the carolers keep caroling.

"But when you got this much at stake," said Campbell. "And this many families who depend on you for spiritual and for just the children, to have a good time and all the other aspects, you can't let them down."

A meeting at Kaukauna City Hall is taking place at 8:30am Thursday to determine where Campbell can move his Christmas spectacle.
The hopeful location is the industrial park nearby, at Badger and Prospect, or it could end up moving out of the area entirely.

If you are interested in aiding the 'North Pole' relocation effort, click here.

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