GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – There are many new murals along Broadway in Green Bay.

The remnants of the weekend’s Mural and Buskers Festival which enjoyed great weather.

But there’s also the show off-Broadway. Beautiful murals tucked away on the side streets and alleyways.

That includes the work of Green Bay artist Andrew Liskens.

His beige and white masterpiece entitled “Ghost Flowers” had a lot of people venturing behind the “Gather” event space for a closer look.

“People walk by and there’s an immediate endorphin rush,” Liskens said. “There’s no elitist baggage. Anybody can walk up to it. I love it!”

Then there’s the collaboration between Kent Hutchinson and Gregory Frederic at 201 West Walnut.

Their huge painting tells the story of Green Bay from the times when the buffalo roamed and also traces its farming heritage and reliance on the Fox River.

There’s also a winding piano on the east wall of SMA Constructions to represent the music and culture of the city.

“It gives us a chance to talk about why the arts are so important for Green Bay,” Hutchison said of the festival where passers-by got to watch the artists work. “It’s not just beautification. But talent and youth retention. Economic development. All those things are better when we invest in the arts.”

Here is a list of all the new murals and pieces of art:

  • Kristi Dammann, Encompass Garage – 340 North Chestnut Ave, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Zane Statz, Garage behind Kavarna – 138 North Chestnut Ave, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Nekoda Witsken, Alley facing wall, – 107 North Broadway #2, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Andrew Linskens, Alley facing wall of Gather – 139 North Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Erin Labonte & Don Krumpos, North wall of 124 South Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Beau Thomas, North wall of DuBois Formalwear, 127 South Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Kent Hutchinson & Gregory Frederic, East wall of SMA Construction, 201 West Walnut Street #301, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Heather Peterman, North wall of White Dog, 201 South Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Sasha Reisin, South wall of 211 Tattoo Parlor % Art Gallery – 211 South Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Peter Koury, South facing wall of Launch, 339 South Broadway, Green Bay, WI, 54303
  • Chrisinta Persika, Benches and wastebins in Broadway District