GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The official ending to the Port of Green Bay‘s 2022 shipping season was on January 25, and officials have released the Port’s yearly numbers.

A release provided by the Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Department states the total cargo shipments into and out of the Port was just over 1.75 million tons, with limestone being the top cargo.

Even though 2022’s total was a 10% decrease from 2021, Port of Green Bay Director, Dean Haen said he is still pleased with the year’s outcome.

“We had a strong shipping season in 2021 and while we strive to reach 2 million tons a year, it’s not always possible due to marketplace conditions,” explained Haen. “Still, in the current economy, we’re pleased with where things finished.”

Small declines in almost all cargo types contributed to the slower 2022 shipping season

Key statistics provided in the release:

  • Total domestic imports of limestone decreased 6% (529,311 tons) while foreign imports of limestone increased 11% (totaling 83,141 tons). 
  • Domestic imports of cement were down 17% to 341,725 tons.
  • Domestic petroleum products exported increased by 36%, while domestic imports of petroleum products were down 46%. 
  • Domestic salt imports increased by 129% but were offset by a 48% decrease in foreign salt imports (for a total decrease of 18%).
  • Domestic coal inbound increased by 22%, while liquid asphalt inbound increased by 121%.

“The one constant in shipping is change,” stated Haen. “If you look back through the years, you see how commodities change depending on the marketplace or on the economy.”

Haen credits the Port’s ability to remain one of the top economic drivers of the region to its adaptability and its focus on advocating for more diverse cargo. “Waterborne transportation, which is environmentally friendly, remains the lowest cost means of moving goods,” he added. “So despite the current slowdown, we know things will begin to turn around and we look forward to the regional economy rebounding in 2023.”

In total, 157 ships moved through the Port of Green Bay this last year, compared to 178 in 2021.