The Press Times casts a wide net, covering hyper-local news and sports in pockets of Brown County, and now, Green Bay. 

“When we bought the paper from the Aubingers, it was currently just covering the villages of Ashwaubenon, Howard, Suamico, and Hobart, and so we wanted to do baby steps,” The Press Times general manager Mike Hollihan said. “So our first move was to take it into De Pere, and then after we kind of settled in there and started getting requests, we said let’s just move into Green Bay.”

Hollihan said it’s a weekly publication that arrives at subscribers’ doorsteps every Friday, but is updated daily online. 

“Your print edition is more like a weekly magazine where it does feature stories on local news, local sports, that people are going to want to hold onto for the whole week because it’s enriched with deep coverage, deep dives in stories, and then they get their daily updates online as things happen,” he added. 

Hollihan said he had heard the Green Bay Press-Gazette, which is owned by Gannett, would possibly narrow down to printing its publications just three days a week. 

“In some markets, Gannett has gone to three days a week home delivery, whether they do that here or not, I’m not sure if that’ll happen,” Hollihan said. 

The Green Bay Press-Gazette management struck down that rumor, writing in response to a Local 5 inquiry:

“There isn’t more information to share other than that this is a false and malicious claim. There are no plans to reduce the frequency of print publication for the Green Bay Press-Gazette.” – Jim Fitzhenry, Executive Editor/Vice President of News, USA TODAY NETWORK – Central Wisconsin

Meanwhile, Hollihan said while other local papers include national stories, The Press Times is strictly local. 

“We hear on a consistent basis, we don’t want that national news, we want that local news,” he said. “What we’re seeing is there was a gap, especially from a print standpoint, of covering local high school sports, of covering a lot of these village board meetings, these city meetings, that we said you know what, we got to step in and start doing that.”

The Press Times published their first paper that included Green Bay news on March 1st.