GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – People are lining up to donate blood in hopes of receiving a reward that will benefit them financially. A drop in blood donations across the country has the “Red Cross” providing a unique incentive for donations.  

“Absolutely I have quite a commute in and out of work every day so free gas for a year would be fantastic,” said one donor.

According to the Red Cross of Wisconsin, blood donations have dropped by twenty percent in the United States. The red cross will select three random donors from this month’s blood drive and pay for their gas for an entire year. 

Ben Sorensen,” It’s a good cause as it is but free gas is an extra benefit and with where prices are still at that is always a good thing.” 

One longtime blood donor hopes the extra incentive will encourage others to donate as well.

Ben Sorensen, “I have been donating blood for a number of years and there is a big need in the community. I have had family members needing blood and friends in the past, so I wanted to do my part.”

The blood drive is open through the end of August. The Red Cross will host another blood drive on Monday, August 29, at Lambeau Field.