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The Shipyard Project heads to city council for do or die vote

Green Bay - The Green Bay Redevelopment Authority approved three development agreements and a management agreement that will move forward a proposal to bring an outdoor events center that would become the future home of the Bullfrogs, a 2,000 square foot indoor concert venue and an Anduzzi's restaurant to the Broadway District.

This project has been in the works for over a year and a half, but it has been a challenging one because the project will only happen if all three entities are involved.

In addition, because Festival Food's CEO Mark Skogen is also looking at Ashwaubenon for the indoor concert venue, it means that this project needs to move forward by the end of the year or Green Bay.

That last chance will come on December 19th when this proposal heads to the city council for a vote after the Redevelopment Authority passed it along after making a few minor amendments.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt calls this project a game changer for the west side and says the city needs to take a chance on developing this land that has sat vacant for thirty years.

The Mayor said he has already received calls from businesses looking to possibly move to the area from the buzz created from the Shipyard project, however all of that falls apart if this project dies.

Alderman Guy Zima showed concern for the project and asked numerous questions to economic development director Kevin Vonck, while also getting into a back and forth with the Mayor.

Zima's main concerns had to do with the naming rights saying the city shouldn't just give those away, however the argument against that was that instead of pursuing naming rights the agreement called for a guaranteed lease.

The price of the ballpark has also increased from $9.5 million to $13.5 with almost all of that being dedicated to more then doubling the parking that would be used by all three entities.


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