Appleton (WFRV) Erected in 1934 for Outagamie County veterans who served in World War One, it’s a statue that has undergone *four* restorations.

Saturday The Spirit of the Doughboy monument on Memorial Drive was sent to Iowa for its fifth and hopefully final restoration.

The max-cast foundry in Iowa will re-cast the monument in bronze.

It’s a process that is expected to take at least three months.

Organizers say it’s a necessary restoration that means a lot to local veterans, “I’m a veteran of desert Storm and so these memorials mean a lot to me and what they represent means a lot. So for me it’s been a passion to come back to this city and take some steps to restore the monuments that need restoration” explained Alex Schultz, president, Sculpture Valley.

Schultz credits the city for establishing memorial restoration funds.