Friday might be “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” but the Appleton Police Department is hoping to make it a permanent holiday at their office. 

Meet Blue, a 12-week-old Golden Doodle. 

He has been recently added as a member of the nationally recognized Volunteer Program. He has been introduced to members of the Appleton Police Department during the past several weeks. 

Officers say his “rookie” status with the department. He will need training and certification, like all the other officers, before being out on his own. If he passes, he should be “on-duty” by next spring. 

Following his training and certification as a therapy dog in the Fox Valley Humane Association (FVHA) Therapy Dog Program, Blue will be on-duty as the only known station dog in Wisconsin.

They are hoping that Blue will improve the wellness of the Appleton Police Department personnel.

“Therapy dogs have been around for around 40 years. It has been proven that they have a significantly positive impact on our emotional wellness, our social and cognitive functioning, and can even improve our physical healing,” Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas says. 

Blue will also be used as a therapy dog in the community; comforting victims, help grieving children, and assisting at other community events.