(WFRV) – As the temperatures begin to rise and the seasons start to change, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is asking drivers to keep an eye out for deer.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is reminding drivers to be watchful for deer on the roadways in the coming weeks. Deer crashes typically increase in May and June in Wisconsin, according to the WisDOT.

Deer become more active at the same time as people do. When you start heading out for spring and summer travel, expect to see deer trying to cross highways. They can be unpredictable so drivers should always carefully scan the sides of the road ahead, buckle up, and put the phone down.

Bureau of Transportation Safety Director David Pabst

Officials say there were over 16,000 crashes involving deer in the state last year. The initial numbers reportedly showed five people were killed and over 500 were hurt.

Most of the deer crashes reportedly happen in the early morning and evening hours. Officials reminded drivers to use their headlights.

The following tips were provided on how to avoid hitting a deer:

  • Slow down, eliminate distractions and make sure everyone is buckled up.
  • Scan the road ahead carefully. If one deer crosses, watch for more. Honk your horn to frighten away any other animals.
  • If you cannot avoid hitting a deer, brake and stay in your lane. Avoid any sudden swerving, which can cause a more serious crash.

The WisDOT also provided some tips on what to do after a deer crash:

  • If someone is hurt, or the deer is in the active portion of the road, call 911
  • If your vehicle and deer are off the road, also call 911
  • Stay buckled up inside your vehicle and wait for help. Getting out of the vehicle and walking on a highway is always dangerous. Never try to move an injured deer.

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