MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) – Governor Tony Evers has issued a statement following the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to adopt Republican-drawn maps for the state Legislature.

In his statement, Gov. Evers called the decision an ‘unconscionable miscarriage of justice’ claiming that the Republican-drawn maps ‘unlawfully ‘pack’ Black voters’.

Governor Evers full statement can be read below:

“This is an outrageous decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This court had clearly and decisively rejected the Legislature’s maps prior to this case being considered by the Supreme Court of the United States, and today, they have backtracked on that decision, upholding the very maps they had previously found to unlawfully ‘pack’ Black voters. At a time when our democracy is under near-constant attack, the judiciary has abandoned our democracy in our most dire hour. Wisconsinites want a democracy, they want fair representation, and they want fair maps as they have demanded of this government for ten years. Today, they receive no recourse. 

This is an unconscionable miscarriage of justice for which the people of this state will see no reprieve for another decade.”

Governor Tony Evers

Friday’s decision from the state court came the same day candidates could start circulating nomination papers to get on the ballot. For more on the story, click here.