GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A rare piece of Green Bay Packers history is currently up for auction and many believe will sell for six figures.

Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston’s 1967 Super Bowl I Championship Ring is up for auction with a reserve bid of $100,000 on Heritage Auction’s website.

Heritage Auction football expert Chris Nerat says, “There’s very few. Back then what did they make? 50 or 60 of the rings and that was it. If you want to own a piece of Packer history from Super Bowl I, this is your chance.”

Because other rings from the first Super Bowl have sold for more than $100,000, Nerat predicts Thurston’s will do the same, saying “There’s no reason that it should sell for much less than Dave [Robinson’s] ring sold. Fuzzy was just as popular of a player, if not more.

The ring has been in the possession of a family friend for many years. For Fuzzy’s grandson Fred, watching the ring go to a new owner is bittersweet.

Thurston says, “I was hoping that one day that would be on my hand and eventually go to my sons’ hands. I hope it goes to someone who just loves it, who cherishes it, and who has the ability to show it to people.”

“Super Bowl rings are kind of the most coveted championship ring out there, and to have a chance to bid on one from the start of it all is very magical,” Nerat says.

The auction goes until 10 p.m. CT Friday night. To bid, click here.

If you are interested in hearing more from Fred talking about his grandfather, view the video below.

Fred Thurston, Fuzzy Thurston’s grandson