DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – When the Macht Village Program lost its facility in Lawrence to a fire, they soon found a temporary location in De Pere, but CEO Tim Macht says the stay could be permanent.

“I think the early indications are that this might be our long-term home. We haven’t truly come to grips with all of that yet,” Macht explains.

Despite losing a few days of service following the fire, the program that helps children and young adults with emotional and behavioral problems has not lost any clients.

Macht says, “It was very traumatic, obviously, more so for our clients than for us. Moving into the new building was a big undertaking, but now three months later, I think we’re pretty well set.”

The cause of the fire still has not been determined. However, Macht and his team are making do with what they have.

“Our new facility is really nice. We’re trying to make some changes to it. We need to expand the kitchen a little bit, add in showers, a laundry room, etc. So that’s all in process currently,” Macht says.

He is also unsure whether he will rebuild or sell the former property.