SEYMOUR, Wis. (WFRV) – Petticoat Junction in Seymour has hit the market, as the establishment announced it was recently put up for sale.

In a post on Petticoat Junction’s Facebook page, the establishment has been put up for sale. The post goes into detail about everyone who helped throughout the years.

The listing says that the seller is including nearly everything needed for a buyer to continue the operation. The price is listed at $360,000. Petticoat Junction is located on Morrow Street in Seymour.

The full statement from Petticoat Junction is below:

This post may be a little long.

I wanted to inform everyone that I have decided to put the Petticoat Junction up for sale. As many of you know this place has been my life for the almost last 6 years.

This decision was not made lightly and I have decided that it is time. Over the last 5+ years I have met so many amazing people and created friendships with almost as many. I want to first thank the city of Seymour and the amazing community. The patronage and support you guys showed to the business will always be remembered and i am hoping that I will be able to continue giving back to this beautiful community. I grew up here my whole life and I am truly grateful to call this city home. I want to thank Amy Griesbach for starting this wild journey. There may have been lots of ups and downs but I am truly grateful we started this journey together. I want to thank my family that has been there for the last 5 years supporting me and helping me with all the remodeling that was done. I have some great family members. To all the organizations that I was able to donate and support thank you for believing in my business and giving me those opportunities. I want to thank all of my employees that made the petticoat what it is. I will be the first to say that I could not have done it without you guys. Kendra Vanden Heuvel being there 5+ years the friendship we have built over the years will be cherished always. Alexis Witterholt words can’t even describe how much I appreciate you and everything you have done for me. In all of my times of need over the years you were there for me. I also want to thank Trista Tomazevic and Mckenzie Wollenberg for the last year helping me with the business while I was dealing with so many personal issues in my life. I also want to give credit for many of petticoats successes to Joe Schierl. He came in at the beginning when I took petticoat over and helped me more than anyone could have ever imagined the awards petticoat won over the years would not have been possible without him. He started as a sales guy but ended up becoming one of my closest friends.

There is also one more special person I need to thank. Amanda Krabbe helped me more then she will ever know. Over the last year and 1/2 I have had my share of ups and downs. But the one constant through all of that was her she kept me sane when I thought I was going insane she kept me cool when I was ready to lose it. She truly helped me more then I ever deserved.

Petticoat Junction on Facebook

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