(WFRV) – Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy pizza.

A recent study done by a nationwide real estate agency concluded the best cities in America for a great slice of pizza pie, and one Wisconsin city delivered a top 20 ranking.

Clever Real Estate reviewed restaurant and geographical data, and surveyed 1,000 Americans to get their hottest takes on pizza, all while weighing a few other metrics.

Topping the ranks was the Motor City, Detroit, pulling in great prices, solid restaurant ratings, and high online search activity.

The city representing the dairy state, coming in at number 17 was Milwaukee. Ranking just behind rival, Chicago and a few spots ahead of the nationwide powerhouse, New York.

Although New York was voted first overall in the 1,000-person survey provided by Clever, with about 41% of people including New York in their top five, having the country’s highest average pizza prices weighed The Big Apple down significantly.

RankCityPizza Passion Score*Avg. Price: Large PepperoniPizza Restaurants per 100K Residents
National Average65.1$21.798.4
1Detroit, MI99.3$17.335.3
2Hartford, CT90$18.6515.5
3Boston, MA83$20.3312.3
4Phoenix, AZ73.1$19.333.8
5Philadelphia, PA84.9$22.0011.5
16Chicago, IL82$33.734.9
17Milwaukee, WI84.1$18.2512
19New York, NY64.7$35.089.4
* Pizza passion score ranges from 0 to 100 based on Google Trends data for 25 pizza-related terms. (Numbers provided by Clever Real Estate)

Metrics were weighted in the following manner:

  • 4x: Pizza reputation (survey of 1,000 Americans)
  • 4x: Online search activity for 25 pizza-related terms (“pizza passion”)
  • 2x: Average price of a large cheese pizza
  • 1x: Average price of a large pepperoni pizza
  • 1x: Average Yelp rating for pizza restaurants
  • 1x: Rate of pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents

Milwaukee also ranked fourth overall for ‘Best Hawaiian Pizza Cities’ and fifth overall for ‘Best Sausage Pizza Cities.

On the opposite side of the rankings, San Antonio, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Salt Lake City, Utah, pulled in at last, second-to-last, and third-to-last respectively.

Full details about the study and all coinciding information can be found here.