GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – With a generous donation, the Green Bay Packers are giving several local high schoolers a chance to continue playing the sport that they love safely.

According to the Green Bay Packers, they have chosen four high school varsity football teams in need of equipment to be awarded brand new Xenith Shadow Varsity Helmets for their upcoming seasons. The helmets are intended to be used to not only replace these high schools’ current equipment inventory but more importantly to help keep our players safe while their out on the field.

“Ensuring that schools have all the equipment they need so their students can take the field safely is critical, and we know these helmets will aid in the continued, successful development of these schools’ football programs,” shared Ryan Fencl, football outreach specialist.

The four schools chosen to receive these helmets include Milwaukee Marshall High School, Milwaukee Riverside University High School, Richland Center High School, and Waukesha North High School.

the Packers recall that more than 100 schools reportedly applied for this donation with several of them showcasing a great need for the donated equipment. “One of the reasons we have to turn players away is because we don’t have enough equipment,” one application said. “In the near future, we will struggle to provide a helmet for the kids who want to represent their hometown on Friday nights,” said another coach. “This would be that lifeline that would inspire us to keep going.”

Seeing the need and understanding the importance of a helmet when it comes to the safety of the player, the Green Bay Packers Give Back worked with Xenith to provide 45 new helmets to each of the four high schools making sure their current and future athletes continue scoring touchdowns the safe way.

“We’re proud to help provide brand new helmets to these schools and to help give high school teams the support and resources they need,” said Fencl.