APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) -A little rain wasn’t going to stop Appleton from hosting its 71st Flag Day parade Saturday afternoon.

One of the participants this year was the Second Marine Aircraft Wing Band. They traveled by bus from Cherry Point, N.C. to Appleton which was a two-day, 1140-mile trip.

“We’re completely enamored by the amount of support that we’re getting here in Appleton,” said Staff Sergeant Joshua Waldie.

The Second Marine Aircraft Wing Band is one of about 100 units in the parade.

“It’s insanely important to remember that the flag represents all of us as Americans here in America,” said Waldie.

The parade attracts around 50,000 spectators and participants each year. This year, despite the rain, people lined the streets eager to watch the parade even if it meant getting a little wet.

Longtime parade-goers like the Strassman family from Appleton say they still can’t believe how many people come out to watch the parade each year.

Sarah Strassman told Local 5 that she used to be in the parade when she was little, so it’s a bit of a full-circle experience to bring her kids here. It’s also a chance to teach them something.

“Shows our kids it’s important to support our troops and (to show them) what our country is all about our freedoms,” said Strassman.

“Flag Day is very important especially since some of my grandparents and great grandparents have been in the army and served our country,” said Strassman’s son Levi.

The Appleton Flag Day parade has been happening since 1950. To watch the parade, click here.