SOLDIERS GROVE, Wis. (WFRV) – A livestock trailer, road signs and multiple other pieces of property in Wisconsin were found spray-painted, and three juveniles from a different county were deemed responsible.

According to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, on April 1 multiple reports came in regarding spray-painted graffiti on public and private property. The incidents happened in the Village of Soldiers Grove.

Authorities say that multiple things were spray-painted, including:

  • A building
  • Livestock trailer
  • Tractor
  • Road surfaces
  • Road-signs

A ‘bright’ orange paint was used, and it reportedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

An investigation showed that three juveniles from Viroqua, Wisconsin were allegedly responsible. Authorities mentioned that the three will be facing multiple counts of trespassing, graffiti and/or destruction of property to include restitution for repairs.

The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the investigation. No additional information was provided.